Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is a late post...but our Thanksgiving was unique this year. I was supposed to work the night before and the night of Thanksgiving. So we were not able to go to Idaho with the rest of my family to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family. We opted to go out to eat...which in my family is a travesty. But I wasn't going to make dinner just for the 2 of us. Lucky for us, my brother Chris decided he didn't want to make the long trip up to Idaho just for the day. So he went to dinner with us. We decided to go to Little America. I was STUNNED at the number of people waiting in line to eat. I guess staying home to eat a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving isn't the norm that I thought.

Chris was around McKay for the second time since he was born. His comment, "When did he get a personality?" You should come around more often older brother. Your nieces and nephews would love to get to know you and your hilarious, fun-loving personality.

I ended up getting called off for both of my shifts, lucky me. It was nice to be with my little family.

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