Monday, September 28, 2009


Gary had his tonsils out a few weekends ago. I thought he would be layed up for a few weeks but he has actually done quite well and bounced back pretty fast. He isn't one to sit around not doing anything. And, try telling him he can't eat his favorite food. He got sick of yogurt, pudding, protein drinks and cottage cheese pretty fast.
We decided to put our townhouse up for sale. It's time to tap into the housing market before it all starts going up again. After looking at many existing houses, we are leaning towards building our own house. Scary huh? I'm nervous about it but also so excited to be able to pick out the design of a house. We are looking into the options of using Symphony homes or an independent builder. I guess whomever gives us the best price. Finding a lot is an issue too. There are many in West Kaysville for sale (it's beautiful in Kaysville) but I know we both would like to stay in Farmington, Centerville or Bountiful if possible. Lots are just so dang expensive. If you know of any...give us a holler.
Gary is busy studying for part 3 of his CIA (certified internal auditing) test. It's just extra certification to have and always good for credentials if he ever wants to look for a new job. He already passed the first 2 tests but studying takes months and dedication. He is so smart though. I'm just working away at Primary's getting geared up for the horrible RSV/Swine Flu outbreak that is supposed to hit any day. Hopefully I make it through the year without catching anything. The joys of being a nurse.
Besides looking at houses, lots and design centers, Gary and I have been to the last 2 home BYU games. I love going to see my boys in blue frustrating as they can be sometimes. Gary doesn't love the games as much as I do but he is an awesome husband and has let me drag him to the games. He is excited for my dad to get home from his work trip so my dad can go to the games with me and he can be off the hook. He likes staying home to watch games so he can flip to the other games when one gets boring. And let's face it, not many people love crowds and traffic.
That's us in a nutshell right now. I head to New York the end of October with Gary's mom, sister's, aunt's and cousin for a girls trip. Gary heads out on his international trip the beginning of November and I will meet him in Australia the middle of November to play and explore. I can't WAIT!!!

A passion or a sickness?

I believe I have what some people call...a sickness. I blame it all on my dad because of course the blame has to be put somewhere. What am I talking about? It's just a little thing called BYU football. Yes, that's right, BYU football. I am a junkie, obsessed, maniac, insane, bipolar person during football season. I would call myself BYU's #1 fan in all aspects of the word. I won't lie, I have cried when they have won the big games and I have cried when they lost the worst games. Sick, right? I know. I bleed blue in a big time way! I'm sure if the BYU team knew about me, I would get front row seats in the elite section of the football stadium or even my own box seats for being the most invested fan ever in the history of BYU football. I have gone to most home and many away games in my young, short life. I plan on being one of those older retired folks who have nothing better to do but follow their beloved team around the country to play. It would be a dream come true! (Not sure my husband will go for that!)