Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Pictures

My cousin Brandi was sweet enough to come down from Idaho to take our family pictures since we haven't had ANY since McKay was born. She just started her own photography business and she is GOOD! Thanks so much for taking time to do these for us Brandi!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

McKay's Birthday

McKay turned 1 on July 6th! We had just gotten back from Disney world a few weeks before so we did a Mickey Mouse theme. Like he noticed or cared...right? RIGHT! But it was fun doing a little decorating. We went swimming earlier in the day with my mom, sister and nephew. McKay loves the water so it was a good activity for him.

And then of course, my worst nightmare happend. McKay wouldn't nap...and I had 3 hours of decorating a Mickey Mouse cake for him. Once again, did he care? Nope. But I left him in his crib to fall asleep and he did eventually, 45 minutes before my sister came over with Chase. And then McKay was up. Oh well, it was his birthday and he can cry if he wants to, right?

No, he was a good boy. We had a few friends and family over for a BBQ and cake and homemade Oreo ice cream. Thanks to all of those who helped to make McKay's day special. We love you little one!
Just had to post this video. When we went to sing "Happy Birthday" to McKay, he got kind of scared or shy or I don't know what! He turned away and almost started crying. It was cute. I think he got a little overwhelmed with so many people looking at him and singing so loudly.