Monday, August 16, 2010

This is the life

First of all, we want to welcome our beautiful DARK HAIRED new niece, Felicity Jane. She looks just like her mom! We are so excited she is here and McKay is excited to have a new best friend!

Our summer has been flying by! At least mine has. I have been able to get out a little more lately with the baby which has been nice. I am dying because in less than 6 weeks, I have to go back to work. :( I will be doing straight graves for the rest of this year. I figured McKay would miss me the least at night but I can't even start to think about leaving him. Maybe January we will be able to work something else out, right hun???? Gary has been in Germany the last week and a half and still has a few more days to go. He will be traveling every three weeks through the rest of the year too so that will be even harder to leave McKay. The baby and I miss our Daddy and husband when he is gone.

Here is my AMAZING dad! He wanted me to title this picture, "Walkie Talkie." Why you may ask? Well, lately he has been taking McKay for walks outside and while walking with him, he talks and sings Primary songs to him. McKay loves it and snuggles right up in papa's arms. My dad has named their "time" together, Walkie Talkies. All the grand kids just love this man, as do I. He is such a strength and rock in my life! He has been over to our house painting our bedroom (took him 12 hours this last Saturday but it looks awesome!!!) and did our half bathroom earlier in the week. He made us a shoe rack in our garage so we could get our shoes out of the way. He has already offered to do more painting and uh, help us put our yard in this fall. My dad would and does do ANYTHING for all of us kids. I love you dad!!!
McKay is such a joy in our life! I can't remember life without him. His personality is really coming out and I love talking and holding this little guy. He smiles at his momma and is so good at saying "guh" and "ooohhh." He puckers up his lips, lifts his chin up and coos and talks. It makes my heart melt every time!
His cheeks are fattening up but he is still long and lean. His hair is blonde but not as light as when he was born. His eyes are bright, bright blue! He is so handsome! He love his bouncy chair and his swing but nothing more than his momma or daddy's arms. I admit, I hold him a lot but I figure I can because he is my only child and I can spoil him! I have Broadway tunes playing on the TV almost constantly and he seems to like listening to them. He also loves having Primary songs sung or hummed to him, especially while he is falling asleep. He isn't a big binky lover but I try to use it when I can so he doesn't always think he needs to be eating. He is so good at tummy time and will last about 5 minutes before getting fussy. He is getting so excited to watch his first BYU football game. He has his BYU onesie all ready to wear! Go COUGS! And yes, I sing him the BYU fight song every day. I'm pretty sure he knows it by heart!
We are so amazed at his constant development but I also wish it would slow done. I can't imagine loving him more than I already do. I would do anything for this little one to make sure he was happy, safe and felt loved. He is a true blessing in our life.

McKay's cheeky grin. He loves to smile

Never once has McKay cried in his bath. In fact, he will be screaming but once I put him in the water, he settles right down. Here is one of his inquisitive looks. Sorry about the private part showing!

Another happy smile

McKay and I ventured to the Farmington pool with Shani and Annie and their kids. McKay stayed out of the sun thanks to Jeneveve sharing her pink hat. This is McKay's favorite position. Up on your shoulder, hand by his face. He has started sucking on his arm or fist with a loud smacking sound. It's so cute

Sleeping in his car seat.

Swing time

Tummy time

Look at those blue eyes!

Daddy burping McKay. No his hair isn't really this color. It must be the reflection of the camera or something. We love you sweet boy!