Friday, April 16, 2010

Recent house pictures

Front profile of the house

Back profile of the house

Laundry room and half bathroom

Master bedroom

Archway from front room to hall and bedrooms

Den...just imagine bookshelves along that wall

Kids bathroom

Stairs to our basement

This will be the baby's room

Living room
The house is coming along. They are finishing up insulation this week and should start dry-walling next week I believe. It's fun to see the progress...not the little mess ups but we try to over-look those the best that we can. It's definitely looking more and more like a house and I can finally start picturing what it might look like inside.
The kidney pain has gone away for the most part. The Thursday after being in the hospital, I was working a night shift and the same pain started coming back. It was getting stronger and stronger and I was getting scared as to what might happen if I was working and couldn't get rid of the pain. I talked to my charge nurse and she gave me the okay to take some of the narcotics I had with me. Don't worry folks, it was just the Darvocet (not very strong!) and she said if I started to feel "funny," to let her know. I had Gary fill my prescription for Percocet though in case I needed it. After two pain pills, I felt okay and haven't had pain since. Maybe I passed the stone. Hopefully....
My doctor's appointment went well. The baby is just as active as ever and never seems to give me much rest. The doctor said he weighs about 3 pounds and is just a tad bigger than my due date on the 29th of June. My appointments are now ever three weeks. We're getting there! I feel huge and get so tired. My ankles look atrociously swollen with sock indents all over after a day of work and 13 hours on my feet. But I keep hearing it's all worth it and I know it will be! Now to convince my husband how badly I need back and feet massages these days....

Monday, April 5, 2010

A trip to the hospital we go...

Easter started out wonderfully. Gary and I went to my parents to listen to the morning Conference session and eat the traditional ginger muffins my mom makes every Conference Sunday. We headed home in between sessions so I could sleep for my grave yard shift. We made deviled eggs and strawberries with a cream cheese/marshmallow cream for dipping. As we sat down to dinner with our family and some extended family, I got this massive cramp in my lower left abdomen. It took my breath away. Within minutes, this intense pain moved to my lower back and I couldn't breath. I tried laying down, turning different positions, rubbing my back...nothing helped. The tears come and I double over with pain. I hurried and called Gary and him and my dad give me a blessing. I know something is wrong and being 7 months pregnant, I was scared.

My sister got involved calling my doctor who said to get to McKay-Dee hospital immediately. She also called work to tell them I wouldn't be coming in. They were very understanding and worried Shani said. Gary drives me to the hospital and we went to Labor and Delivery as told. They were expecting me and I was soon in a "holding" room where a urine sample, history and vitals were taken. A heart monitor was hooked up to the baby. From the signs and symptoms I had given the nurse, they were thinking either a UTI, pylonephritis or kidney stones. I work at Primary's and I know how long it takes to get a radiologist into the hospital not only on a Sunday...but also on a holiday. My pain was at a 7 out of 10 and I can still hardly breath. I can't get comfortable. The first shot of Morphine was given in my hip and didn't touch the pain. It just made me very loopy and dizzy. I have to guzzle water so my bladder will be full for the renal ultra-sound. Finally we get the news that the radiologist is here and they are ready for me. The wheelchair ride downstairs was brutal.

Meanwhile, my blood pressure is higher than they like it to be. Also, the nurse tells me from the monitors, it is showing that I am having minor contractions and at some point they will need to check my cervix to see if I'm dilated at all. Great.

The ultrasound hurt so badly. Turn on one side, hold your breath, push really hard with the ultrasound stick. Turn to the other side, more hard pushing. Lay on your back push even harder on your bladder. When I got back to the holding area, my pain was up to an 8. More Morphine given and then I went so loopy and could barely move. Cute Shani and my dad come up to the hospital with an over-night bag in case I ended up getting admitted over-night. My dad took Gary to get some food since we missed out on Easter dinner. Lots of people calling and some very concerned family and friends. The results of the ultrasound take a while to come back and the on-call OB doctor isn't happy. He calls in himself for the results and finds out I have a kidney stone. Really? I hardly drink any pop and I feel like I drink a lot of water. But I guess this is common in pregnancy.

I have two choices via the doctor. Go home with pain medicine and try to pass the stone by straining my own urine. Or, stay overnight in the hospital, get an IV and be started on a PCA pump (pain pump that I push manually on my own). I choose to go home with some Darvocet despite the warnings from many people that I should stay because this pain med isn't very strong and I would likely be back in the hospital with major pain. Being the stingy nurse that I am, I insist on going home and "promise to come back in" if the pain gets bad enough.

I'm still very dizzy but Gary gets me home and I eat some Easter dinner my dad had brought over for me. After a few bites, I throw up and decided it was just better to go to bed. My pain was about a 2 so I felt fine. I slept wonderfully and only had to take 2 pain pills through the night. I slept most of the day and when I finally got up today, I have still yet to feel any more pain. I have been straining my urine and haven't seen any stones (maybe I passed them at the hospital?). Hopefully the worse is over and that pain never comes back. I heard some feel that kidney stone pain is worse than labor. Really? Maybe I have a small idea what I will be going through with labor then.

Oh ya, as for the baby, he stopped kicking and moving very much. The nurse said the morphine affects him too. I'm supposed to make sure he moves 6 times in an hour though and if not, I'm supposed to immediately come back to the hospital. The nurse checked my cervix and it was fully closed (very good sign). She said the contractions can come from pain. My blood pressure went back to normal also after the second shot of Morphine. Thanks to all the family and friends who checked in and offered to help in any way possible. I have the best family and in-laws in the WORLD! I'm such a lucky girl. I love having a husband who is worthy to administer a priesthood blessing because I have no doubt in my mind, it helped and gave me so much comfort. I have my 7 month check up tomorrow with my OB and I'm glad he will check the baby out again. He needs to stay in and cook for at least 10-12 more weeks!!