Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Update

It has been SO LONG since I have blogged. I have been too busy enjoying life and our little guy that isn't so little anymore and won't be little to me for sure after our new one is born. These pictures are out of order but I don't have the time or patience to fix them!
Here is probably my one and only pregnancy picture. I hate my picture taken any time but especially when I have extra pounds on! This pregnancy has felt so different from McKay though. I have felt pretty good but getting SO ANXIOUS to meet our new one and see what he looks like and what personality he is going to come to this earth with. No, we do not have a name and will probably be nameless in the hospital as was McKay until it was time to sign the birth certificate! Boy names are HARD!!! Here I am at 35 weeks.
So, we never thought we would be "VAN" owners. Neither Gary nor I wanted one but after talking to many people, driving vans and SUVS and with the way gas prices are going, a van was the most sensible option. We love our brand new Honda Odyssey! It took some getting used to driving seeing how I have driven a Ford Focus for the last 11 years. But I do love it! It holds 8 though and we are a family of 3...soon to be 4 and I told Gary it will be a total waste unless we have enough kids to fill it up!!! Ha ha. He isn't as keen on the idea as I am!
Thank you to my dad for helping us paint McKay's new room. We are moving him up to the front room and keeping his old room as the baby room. We debated for a long time about getting him a toddler bed or going to a twin bed but he does not climb out of his crib yet and he is not even 2! Moving him out of the crib is a huge step and I don't think either of us are quite ready for that big step yet. I figured the new baby can sleep in the pack and play for a few months until McKay is a bit older and bigger. Plus I thought a move to a new room would be a big enough change for a while. Don't make fun of our ghetto bumper around the rim of the crib...McKay put teeth marks all around it...multiple times. How sad am I??? :(
I love these 2 SO MUCH! This was Easter Sunday. McKay likes to be behind the camera snapping pictures instead of in front of it. But these two are my life and I could not imagine life without them!!!
He is still really tall but doesn't love eating so he is getting too skinny in my opinion. Yes, he used to eat everything. He likes banana's, cereal, "honey" on toast, cheese, yogurt, milk, spaghetti and any "nummy!" which is anything with sugar in it. I shouldn't be surprised because most kids love sugar but he is obsessed some times! And we don't just have sugar stuff around. He was introduced to sugar by my sister, the "treat" aunt and my mom. Despite him not eating dinner, somehow he always gets dessert from one of the two. No, I do not love it but I have been called the mean mom before. His all-time favorite? "I ceam"...aka ice cream. Love the words coming out of this little stinks mouth!
Loves, loves, LOVES being outside. In wind, rain, snow, or sunshine he always wants to be outside. And it is a FIGHT to bring him inside. There are usually always tears poor boy. This is him at a park. Too busy to look at the camera.

He was being silly one night and loved saying "cheese" over and over
So I love being a 95% stay-home mom. But McKay has turned into a stubborn little toddler and by the end of the day, I am counting the minutes until Gary walks in the door. And the second he does, he is all about "DA DA!!!" He runs to him the minute he comes in the door, grabs his hand before he can take his coat off and pushes him on the living room floor to play. McKay ADORES his daddy and I love it. I also love the hour I have to myself before it's his bedtime because he still wants his mommy to put him to bed. Gary had brought a box up from downstairs and McKay had a good time playing in it...of course with his daddy by his side.
More "cheese" pictures
Another obsession? Computers. We can't get on the computer around him because it is a constant plea of "Up pease, up pease" until he is sitting on the chair in charge of the mouse.
Have I said that this child gets into EVERYTHING?!?! This is his bum cream. He got a little too quiet one day and Gary went and saw cream all over his face. He loves to get into my makeup. He stopped taking naps (for the most part...but goes to bed earlier now) but I still need time to myself so he goes to his crib for "quiet time" every afternoon. He never fights me or cries while in his crib. I used to put a book or two in his crib to keep him busy for an hour. Well, he destroys his books now. He picks at the board books and it upsets me SO MUCH because he has destroyed many of his books. So I don't give them to him anymore. Man, I sure hope he grows out of this stage. But I love him too much and when I try to get mad, he throws his hands out to the side, tilts his head just a bit and starts jabbering as if to tell me why he was doing what he was doing. Once I laugh or smile, it's all over. Being a mom is the most challenging but rewarding, FUN experience ever and I will be forever grateful I have the chance of being one!