Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I'm going to brag for a moment. I have the dang cutest niece (and nephew!!!). My trip to Hawaii included strict beach time, hanging with the best sister-in-law in the world, and loving on my niece, Jeneveve. Forget pictures of the beach. I was too focused on this little one. She had me wrapped around her finger and I couldn't get enough of her. I had the most relaxing time and Annie catered to my every need and whim. We are both pregnant, easy going and just wanted to relax so we had a perfect time together. Well, in my eyes we did. It was hard to leave although I did miss Gary. Just wish my whole family could live in the same vicinity again. It's a dream and hopefully will happen one day. These pictures are a little obsessive and maybe only pictures my family can love. But I have to post them so I can look at them often and remember my awesome time. Thanks Annie and Jeneveve for being the perfect hostesses!!! I love you guys!

Jeneveve hated when Annie took a turn brushing her teeth but loved being a big girl and doing it herself.

She loved wearing my sun glasses.

Jeneveve at the beach looking cute

Jeneveve loved looking at all my pictures I had taken of her on my camera. She is so good at saying "cheese."

We took pictures at the Hawaiian temple

Asleep in the car

Just enjoying some Jamba juice. I think she got tired of me snapping pictures of everything she did! But her looks were priceless

Just posing in the water...which she was never afraid of

Loving my cell phone and mommy's hat. This little love is so good and smart. I think she only cried once. On my last day I was outside playing with her on a slide. When I had to take her off of the slide to come in for dinner, she cried and cried. Not an annoying cry. Just these big alligator tears that broke my heart. No kidding, she made me tear up. It was heart-wrenching!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy, busy life

So I can't even begin to tell you how busy life has been lately. First of all, the progress on our house is coming along. After finding out the excavator dug our basement 2 feet too deep and we wouldn't quite have the daylight basement we were so looking forward to, I had my first break down over the house. It was a $30,000 dollar mistake, one that my dad and husband told me just could not be fixed. I do know our builder feels very bad about this ahem....MAJOR mistake (why couldn't it have been an extra wall or something???) and claims he will do something amazing with our landscape that should help. But, after thinking I wasn't going to have window wells on one half of my house, we now will. I'm sad about it...very sad. I'm just hoping it looks okay as my husband insists it will. I'm just a little more on edge these days about the things going on with building the house. I should chill because I have heard from many home builders that this isn't the first or last of the mistakes that will happen. Great....

Here are some pictures of the house being framed. I promise my next post will have pictures of the floor plan and what the front was, well, supposed to look like. It has been raining every time we go out to the house and walking through the mud hasn't been even close to ideal. So bear with the far away pictures. I knew there would be a lot of decisions with building a house but I really did have no idea. Tile, carpet, doors, handles, etc, etc, etc. Perfect for an already indecisive person!!!

Second bit of news, we were finally able to sell our townhouse. Wishing we could have gotten more for it but we both agreed it just wasn't going to happen. Our prayers were answered so we decided to take the deal and run. Except...the buyers want us out April 1st. Um, we closed on March 12th. We are trying to find a place to move now for 2 1/2- 3 months since our house won't be finished till late June.

On top of that, my awesome husband had agreed to let me go to Hawaii for a week from March 17th- March 24th. I am going to visit my sister-in-law Annie and niece Jeneveve whom I haven't seen since Disney world a year ago. My brother is off doing Army training for 6 weeks in California and begged any family member to go to Hawaii to spend time with Annie if possible. I asked Gary about it and he said he couldn't go but I sure could. I had frequent flyer miles and a free place to stay. So it was deal I couldn't say no to. I'm so excited but will be leaving Gary to do much packing and taking care of house business. Oh well, I really need the break. Work has been insane with respiratory season at the hospital and I have been working extra shifts trying to help out and save some extra money.

Last but not least, I had my big sixth month pregnancy check-up. The baby looks great...although he absolutely HATES any kind of pressure on my stomach. That included the ultrasound tech pushing on my tummy trying to get the little guy out of hiding. Every time she pushed, he kicked like crazy. And then as you can see, he wanted nothing to do with the camera. He is hiding his face and just wanted to be left alone. Our little guy kicks like crazy...all day long and late into the night. He hates nylons, spandex garments, tight shirts, pants, everything!! They take up his precious space. I like that he moves though because it makes me know he is alive and hopefully thriving. I feel like I am growing at an exponential rate although I hear that I am still small. I don't feel small. Maybe one day I will get a belly picture on here. My lower back has been KILLING me. The doctor gave me the great news that I am carrying the baby low and he is sitting far back under my organs and right on my tailbone. He asked me if my back ever hurt. Really? Three and a half more months of this? I hear it's only going to get worse. Now I can say I understand what mother's really go through to give life to a child. I wouldn't change it for the world though!

Sorry, the pictures aren't the best and it's true that these can only look cute to a mom and dad. But look at that fat lower lip....he may just take after me!

He definitely didn't want his picture taken and has a pretty big frown on his face