Thursday, December 16, 2010

Splish Splash I Was Taking a...SHOWER???

When I get home from working a grave yard shift, I am exhausted. Usually McKay is just waking up and wants to play. I just want a shower and my bed. Guess who wins? Not me! But, I did have the genius idea of sticking McKay's Bumbo in the shower with me so I could fulfill one of my desires but be with him at the same time. Come to find out, he LOVES the shower! I don't know why I was surprised. He loves his baths but you should see him in the shower. He is constantly reaching up and trying to figure out where this steady stream of water is coming from. When he gets too slippery for me to hold, I stick him in his Bumbo, turn on Gary's shower head (wow, looks like we needed double shower heads after all!!!) and let warm water fall on the little guy. He is entertained for the length of my shower...which is quite long after a night shift. I love watching him try to discover his surroundings.

Yes, my baby looks like the white Michelin tire guy...look at all of those rolls! His eyes get so red because he sticks his head forward right into the stream of water, then jerks back when he realizes he can't breath in the water! It's kind of funny to watch. He is a regular little water bug. Do we have a swimmer on our hands? Maybe so...! For now, I will enjoy my showers with my little guy until he gets too big to be showering with his momma.


Brandon and Laura said...

oh goodness, I can't imagine having to entertain a baby when i come home after an all-nighter. Super mom!

Shani said...

I guess I cant make fun of Gary anymore for his insistance on having two shower heads. That is awesome!