Thursday, December 9, 2010


Gary and I decided we didn't really need individual gifts this year for Christmas. We really wanted to start capturing McKay "growing up." We never had a camcorder in my family and we realize how fun it would have been to go back and see home video's. So this is our Christmas present to ourselves. We got it as to not miss any more AMAZING things our son does. We feel so blessed to have everything we need and to have so little wants.


The Barbers said...

We are doing that EXACT same thing! What kind did you guys get, where, how much, etc.. We are still trying to decide which is the best!

Gary and Jadee said...

Linds- we wish we would have had it when McKay was a newborn. You will love it! We got a Canon VIXIA HF M30 (uh, that's what it says on the box!). We actually got it on line...we got an extra battery, memory card and camera holder too. That was all cheaper than doing everything seperately and in the stores. I think it was just over $500. Expensive but I guess takes pictures too and does everything HD. :)

Brandon and Laura said...

Very awesome gift. We got ours last year for Christmas and it has captured some priceless memories. Have fun with it!