Saturday, December 11, 2010

My dad was nice enough to babysit McKay for me and Gary so we could go to dinner and the Jazz game last night. In fact, come to find out, he had his own Jazz tickets for the game and gave them up because he said he would have rather babysat Mr. MaGoo. After he left, Gary and I go into McKay's room to check on him and this is what we found...

Um, DAAAADDDDD???? Blankets are NOT ALLOWED to be on baby's faces! We called him to give him a hard time (jokingly) and of course he seemed devastated! He said he had checked on him a half hour earlier to make sure this very thing had not happened. He claimed McKay was just trying to get him in trouble! Ha ha. We love you Dad and appreciate you always willing to help us out! McKay told us you are a very fun babysitter and he also loves you very much.

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