Friday, September 14, 2012

4 Months

Miles had his 4 month old check up at the doctors yesterday. I'm way into stats. Here they are:
Weight: 17lbs, 6oz (93%)
Height: 26 inches (85%)
Head: 16 3/4 inches (60%)
Love you little one! You bring so much joy into our lives!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All About My Boys

So this is a post full of pictures from the last few months. Both boys had their 2 month and 2 year old doctor appointments in July. Here are the stats:
Weight- 27 lbs 8oz (45%....dropped a big percentage!)
Height- 36 inches (85%)
Head- 19 cm (30%)
A little about McKay:
* Doesn't love food like he used to. Has turned into a picky eater...hence the drop in weight gain. I have a tall but skinny child.
* Food he does like: Ice cream, Mac and Cheese, ice cream, sugar, Cheerios, honey (on toast and sandwiches, ice cream...did I mention SUGAR???
* Still loves his papa. "Papa's house," "Papa's church!," "Papa's horses."
* Talks a lot, usually pretty easy to understand.
* Loves to be outside, especially following daddy around the yard as he works outside
* Started climbing out of his crib and would not stay in his room. So currently his mattress is on the floor as we are looking for a bedroom set. We also had to change out his door handle and put a lock on the outside of his door. Stays in his room at night but we have major issues at nap time. Only takes a nap about 30% of the time but I make him take a "quiet" time in his room. His room is usually a mess by the time I get him out. His famous words are, "No lock a door, no lock a door!"
* Is starting to pay a lot more attention to Miles...doesn't always know how to be totally soft. Likes to wrestle with him
* Still loves his bath time
* Says prayers and doesn't like help saying them from us
* Loves books and is a total imitator. It's amazing the way his mind works. We think he is so smart!
* Can find Netflix on our phones and will watch "Bob the Builder" or "Sesame Street." My dad also introduced him to Mickey Mouse cartoons on YouTube and he can pull these up as well. How does a 2 year work a smart phone? Asks to watch "Price is Right" during breakfast. This is his mom's fault...
* Favorite thing to do? Help mom make dinner and loves to be my taster. Wants to taste I let him taste everything...good or bad. Hey, I figure it helps him to learn
* Favorite thing #2? Take pictures on our camera. Says, "I want CHEESE!"...aka, I want the camera
* A big tantrum thrower and we are working on being consistent. Has to be held down in time out most times because he keeps getting out. This part breaks my heart but I hope he is learning and will catch on soon
A little about Miles:
* Is my chunky-monkey...has rolls all over!
* Loves to eat, still is just breast-fed
* First smiled just one day shy of 6 weeks...such a smiley baby
*Cannot roll over yet...I assume it's all the weight he has to take with him!
* Goes to bed around 8:30pm and sleeps until 5:00-6:00am, eats and usually goes back to sleep for a few hours
* Horrible Falls asleep in my arms but wakes up when he is put down most times.
* Loves to be held. Was a fussy baby whenever he was put down until he was about 3 months. Now he is as chill as ever and can sit in his bouncer or bumbo just watching whatever we are doing
Love my little boys!! They sure keep me busy

 Got an awesome tool set from his cousins for his birthday and it will keep him busy for many hours
 Waking up from his nap. He was cranky and wasn't happy I put Miles in with him
 For McKay's 2 year birthday, we took my grandma and cousins to Liberty Park to play on the splash pad. Miles fell asleep on my mom's lap
 McKay loves tractors. I tried to do him a tractor cake but it did not turn out the way I wanted at all. But McKay knew what it was right away so I guess that's all that matters. This is a homemade red-velvet cake though and it was SO was the cream cheese frosting!!
 McKay licking the frosting before we could sing to him. Like I said, he adores sugar!
 Ice cream
 Love, love, LOVE sleeping babies! So peaceful! Mmm, I just want to eat him!!
 Taking pictures, what else?
 Lovin' on his brother
 I'm such a big boy
 For FHE a few Monday's ago, we decided to go to the Bountiful temple and teach McKay a little about temples. I taught him the song, "I Love to See the Temple" and he caught on to it so fast. He sings it all the times and it melts my heart. It's amazing the things that stick in a child's mind. They are far smarter than we even know!
 My cousin Larissa came with us to the temple. She was such a good help with the baby
 Families can be together FOREVER!!
 McKay loves holding Miles now...Miles isn't so sure about it
 Miles with his cousin Tate. Look at those fat legs! Go Cougs!!!
 Bubbles in the tub
 2 year old pictures
 2 month's old