Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Post

Summer has been great. We have been so many places and done so many things but I hate taking pictures! I would rather enjoy the moment instead of pulling my camera out every two seconds. And let's face it, who wants to read a post with no pictures? Not my brother for one... Also, I spend all my waking hours with my baby so of course all of the pictures I DO have are of him.
I will try to catch up slowly but these are the few random pictures I do have on my camera. Gary was in Italy and Switzerland for the last 2 weeks for work (I know, tough job, eh???). I hate being home alone so I decided to pack McKay up and drive 8 1/2 hours to where I used to spend a lot of my summers, in the lovely state of Montana, with this awesome lady who happens to be my grandma.

I hadn't been to Great Falls for 15 years and it was time for me to go back. I have so many memories of spending time there with my cousins. I was nervous to go knowing it wouldn't be the same but I had A BLAST and am so thankful to my grandma and grandpa for allowing us to come and putting up with a baby for a week. We did so much; garage selling (I bought a nice bike for $8 dollars!!), eating, the farmer's market, watched my cousins do cross country and football, and did I mention eat? One of my best memories of my grandpa is when he would take me down to the basement, open up his file cabinet that was stocked of full-size candy bars (my favorite being Skor bars!) and pop in a Broadway musical. To this day I credit my grandpa for my love of musicals. We were able to watch "Mame" and "My Fair Lady" while I was there and I loved it! I love my grandparents and wish I had gotten more pictures.

I spent some time with my aunt Joni too. We spent some time together while we were at Island park in August and picked right up where we left off. I loved our chats and wish we lived closer. Love to all my family in Montana!

I love these boys. I also love my Ergo baby carrier, as does McKay. Gary's sister Leslie introduced us to the Ergo carrier and I think everyone with a baby should own one! McKay loves this pack and often falls asleep while being carried in it. Gary often puts him in it while he goes outside to mow the lawn and McKay just LOVES being close to one of us!
What is is about children and cell phones? I swear, I haven't met a child who doesn't like them! McKay is constantly playing with mine and talks into it, waving his hands and having the funniest conversation...with no one on the other line. It's funny though, if someone is actually on the other side, McKay won't say a word, just listens. It's frustrating to Gary and my dad since they are the ones that are always trying to get him to talk to them. McKay loves to climb on our couch and then lays back and lounges on the pillows. So cute!
Still has blue, blue eyes and white blonde hair!
Like I said, this is a random post and I didn't want to fix my picture order so we are back in Montana. My grandma has a great garden that we were lucky enough to eat fresh vegetables from while we were there. One day we were outside and my grandma was picking the ripe vegetables. I looked over to see this...McKay EATING a zucchini. WHAT? Not one bite, not 2....multiple bites...raw...!!! Yuck! But he would have eaten the whole thing had I not stopped him. He also ate raw you know how sour that is? I can barely eat it in a crisp with lots of sugar on it! Weird kid! Like I said, he eats almost anything!
Should I mention that McKay STILL can't walk? He has no desire. He will balance every once in a while but then drops and crawls to whatever or wherever he wants. He is almost 15 months old....don't JUDGE!