Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Months Old

So here are McKay's 4 month stats:
17.6 pounds (95%)
27.5 inches (Off the charts in height!)
16.5 inches in head circumference (40%)
As you can see, he is all body with a small head. He did so well with his shots. He cried for 2 seconds but stopped as soon as I picked him up.
Some things McKay does now:
*Rolls from side to side. He is close to rolling onto his tummy but is still a little unsure of how to get totally turned
*Smiles and giggles A TON!
*Loves to play Peek-a-Boo
*He sits up almost totally by himself. He falls forward sometimes and is still working on his trunk control. But the doctor said he is very strong and will be sitting on his own soon.
*Loves to take his Vitamin D drops. He pulls the funniest face though when I first put the dropper in his mouth.
*McKay loves to drink out of a cup...he is learning the suck/swallowing action of something other than his bottle or his mommy.
*Everything goes into his mouth. He is constantly sucking on his fist or fingers. Can't tell if he is going to be a thumb sucker yet or not. I'm hoping not.
*Is finally on a sleeping schedule. I never thought this day would come. He goes to bed, wakes up and naps about the same time every day. I love it!
Our sweet boy is just the happiest, most content baby out there. As long as he is in a room with people, he is fine "people" watching...just like his mommy. He doesn't need to be entertained and is happy as long as he isn't hungry or tired. He is constantly making me and Gary laugh. What an adventure it is to watch our little one grow up. I can't adequately describe the happiest he brings us. Love you MaGoo!