Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a Night on the Lake

Gary and I have been dreaming about this well, over 2 years! One of our most favorite things to do is to be on the lake. Being pregnant last summer, we missed out so it had been a LONG, long time since we had been. Thanks Curtie for sharing your boat with us. We were rejuvenated even after a few hours!

McKay gives the best kisses!

Just loving being on the boat. Don't let this fool you though. He was mad half of the time because he hated that darn life jacket.
Just chillin and watching daddy do his stuff.
Yep, hated that life jacket from the second I put it on until the second I took it off
"Mom, this looks easy!"
I was nervous after 2 years of not going and being about 15 pounds heavier. But, I got right up and even though I can work on my form, it felt SO GOOD being out there!
Gary showing off his skills on the wake surf
Loving him some good water
First time in the lake. Making a "warm" spot for himself. :)

I'm not sure I remember how to do this...

Gary getting some good air

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeding the Ducks...and Seagulls?

A few days ago, we went with my mom, sister-in-law, and cute nieces and nephew to feed the ducks at Barnes park. McKay kept laughing at the quacking ducks. I think he is going to LOVE Animal Kingdom at Disney World (which we leave to in 3 days!!!!). The other little ones also loved the ducks, throwing them whole rolls instead of pieces. Needless to say, the ducks loved them too.
Little Lissy Lou
Jeneveve and Chase
So while we were "feeding" the ducks, there were many seagulls around too. They kept stealing the duck food. My mom made the comment that it's no wonder we hadn't gotten pooped on with all of the seagulls flying around. No later than 5 minutes after she said that, my poor sister-in-law got POOPED on! It was the sickest thing ever...I'm sure sicker for her than anyone. It was also the funniest thing ever...I'm also sure...not for her. Unfortunately, she seems to be a favorite target of our lovely state bird. This is her 4th, yes 4th time she had gotten pooped on by a seagull. They have a thing for her. Annie, I guess you can be thankful it didn't land in your hair or on your face, eh? Disgusting but thanks for the good laugh.