Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Island Park

Every year my mom's side of the family gets together to go to Island Park and camp for a week. Gary and I just started going last year. I am NOT a camper in any way, shape or form. I don't like to get dirty or smell like campfire, I like sleeping in my own bed and I want a flushing toilet at my beck and call. But we actually had fun last year (my aunt and uncle were gracious enough to let us stay in their cabin there) and McKay of course loves the dirt, the food (treats), the fire and all the kids to play with. Unfortunately, Sherry and Jay sold their cabin which meant....we had to tent it. BOO!!! All the other families besides my parents and siblings have trailers but since none of us love camping, we don't even own much camping gear. Gary's family loves to camp and that is usually the family trip each year so we have a few essentials..but not a ton. I was worried about taking a 2 month old and a free-spirited 2 year old but it wasn't too bad.
In order to spare the other campers of Miles's cries in the night when he wakes up to eat (he only wakes up once between 5:30am-6:30am), I decided to sleep in the back of our van with him. I thought it would be a little warmer as well. It was but it was not as comfy as I was hoping. Oh well, it worked for us. Gary shared a tent and a flat air mattress (looks like we need to re-stock our camping gear!) with McKay. McKay would start on one side of the air mattress and through the right would rotate around Gary's head and end up waking up on the ground next to the air mattress. No blankets or anything but Gary says he never woke up and fussed. Gary on the other hand didn't sleep as well due to the traveling 2 year old! We went for 3 days and the consensus was we were glad we went!
We boated for 2 days and did a lot of tubing since the lake was so crowded. My dad rented 2 jet skis and those were enjoyed by all. On our last day I got a really good ski run in that made my whole trip. I learned to ski behind my uncle's boat probably about 15 years ago and it is still my favorite boat to be pulled behind. He is a pro-driver too though! We had so much good food. Every family was in charge of one meal and provided food for everyone. Lunch and snacks were on your own. Both boys were pretty good although I don't think Miles was put down AT ALL and when we got home, we had to go through a little rough period when he realized it wouldn't be the same treatment at home! And McKay found every treat to be had in camp and always wanted, "Sugar!" or "Nummy!" So fun to see and visit with family we don't live around. Thanks to my sister-in-law for the pictures. Yes, I brought my camera but didn't get it out once. I fail at picture taking!
 So this little girl adores Miles. She was always asking to hold him. She even admitted, "He is just so beautiful, he takes my breath away!" Out of the mouth of babes. Love her, love him!
 McKay taking the reins on the jet-ski with daddy.
 Riding the tube with the youngins'. Felicity and McKay were having a blast. Every little wave McKay was laughing and saying, "Bump, bump, bump!"
 Felicity and McKay..favorite cousins.

 The kids were making a "magic potion."
  I adore this face!
More tube rides

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Hopefully one day Miles will like Jeneveve as much as she loves him!