Friday, August 3, 2012

A Boy Loves Him a Horse

McKay loves him some horses, or as he so fondly calls them, "Papa's horses!" Any horse he sees is "Papa's horse." No, my dad does not own any horses but most Sunday's we go to my parents house for dinner. After eating, Papa takes him and Chase on a wagon ride to see and sometimes feed a neighbor's horse some carrots. I guess he doesn't quite understand that they aren't "Papa's horses"...but just the fact that whenever he gets to get close to a horse, he is usually with Papa.
Well, Shani's mother-in-law, Jan, works with a nurse who owns some horses. Horseback riding was on Jeneveve's "dream" list of things to do in her lifetime. (She is 3). Jan was kind enough to ask her friend if she would let a whole bunch of kids ride her horses. So off we went to ride horses...well, at least the kids. Let me just say, McKay is not afraid of anything or anyone. The horses were brought out of the trailer and he was the first to go up to this little pony and start "introducing" him self to the little fella. 

 McKay and Jeneveve riding together...their helmets kept hitting each other with each bounce.
McKay acted like a total natural on the horse. After one circle around the ring, we looked up to see him with one hand on the saddle horn and one hand resting on his knee...looking like a total cowboy! He is awesome!!! I keep wondering what he is going to be or do when he grows up???

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McKays said...

Such fun memories! McKay putting his face right up to the horse's was probably my favortie part!