Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Once again my sister hooks us up with fun things to do this summer. Our latest adventure was going fishing. There is a trout farm in North Ogden. It is free to fish and they provide the rods. All you do is buy a little fish food, hang your line into the pond, throw some food in and literally hundreds of fish are jumping all over your hook. So, it isn't that hard to catch them. You have to keep what you catch but you take your fish into a little building there and they clean and fillet the fish for you. You pay for that to be done to your fish (and that is kind of pricey) but it's the whole experience. Once again, McKay wasn't afraid at all and was so excited to see all of the FISH! He loves water so much I thought he was going to get in and swim with them!
 Just waitin' for a nibble

My sister took this picture with my i-phone. I don't know how to make it bigger but I had no idea his hat was over his eyes until I looked back through the pictures. Poor boy couldn't even see the fish he caught!

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Gary said...

I guess I have to relearn how to fish so I can take our boys fishing. Glad he loves these fun things...such a stud.