Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Brothers

Miles ADORES McKay. When he hears McKay's voice or sees him, he gets so excited. He will arch his head and back to see if he can get a glimpse of his brother. Lately, it's been while Mile's is eating. If McKay talks, Miles pulls off and looks around for McKay. It's cute but starting to get a little annoying because Miles gets so distracted. McKay loves "playing" with Miles now. Playing is in parenthesis because McKay often treats Miles like he is much older. As in tackling him, pulling him out of his bouncer, laying on him, trying to pick him up. Uh, ya. I can't leave McKay alone with him. But Miles usually never makes a peep. He is such a good sport. Unless McKay is really being too rough with him, he usually just "goes with the flow." He is so easy-going. Really, such an angel baby. I adore him. I adore both of my boys.
 McKay has figured out how to work our smart-phones. Actually, he had them figured out months ago. He watches Mickey Mouse cartoons, Curious George, Bob the Builder or Sesame Street on Netflix. But only in the mornings....when I want a little extra sleep and McKay is up super early...heaven forbid at 7:30am. One morning I got Miles up, layed him next to McKay and he was entranced.
 Happy 5 months baby boy! Aren't those checks TO DIE FOR??? And I get to kiss them all day long!!! We love you Littles to the moon and back!

Miles' face says it all....

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The Rowley's said...

Adorable boys! Thats so fun they get to "play" together.