Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our yard is in

So we did it! We FINALLY got our yard put in and just in time too. It was a headache but thanks to Gary, my dad and some awesome friends, it got put in in a week. We did the sprinkler system our self so we saved a lot of money but Gary and the others were outside every day of the week after work until it was too dark to work. Even then, all the lights in the house would be on to allow them to work just a few minutes longer. I helped when I could. McKay would sit in his swing outside and just chill while we worked. What a stud. Needless to say, even despite the sore bodies and knees, the yard looks great and Gary it to credit for his hard work and dedication. Thanks to all those that helped and made this possible. We only put a few trees in because it's so expensive, but we can't wait until the spring!

Future garden

A lot of area to plant

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The Giffs said...

It looks so beautiful. What I wouldn't do for a yard!