Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our sweet, sweet boy

Our little guy is growing up too fast! It's making me really sad. We are loving being parents to this amazingly sweet boy. At his 2 week check-up, he was already 9 pounds, 6 ounces so he is getting big. He is such a strong guy. He likes to hold his head up and when he is laying on your shoulder (his favorite position), he will pick his head up and turn it to the other side. He sleeps so well at night, at least 4 hours and the other night he made it six hours before I woke him up to eat.

When McKay was born, his bilirubin level was high and I had to take him back to McKay-Dee to have his heel pricked 5 additional times after he came home. His levels were always a bit high but not enough to need Bili lights. This is normal for breast-fed babies but it was hard seeing our little guy poked so many times. As a nurse, I always got bugged at mom's when they would freak out because their baby needed an IV or a lab drawn but now I can sympathize. Big time!

Gary and I love being parents to McKay though. Honestly the greatest blessing ever! McKay is getting bigger every day and as sad as it makes me, it's fun to see him developing. McKay smiled his first non-gas smile on 7/21. Yes, it's true. He looks you in the eye and when you get close and talk to him, he will smile. My sister witnessed this. He is only just over 2 weeks old! He loves to eat and is such a noisy eater because he chugs his he thinks I'm going to take it away from him. Let's just say, I am VERY SORE!

McKay looks so much like his dad. We don't know where the blonde hair came from but he is his dad through and through. I see no resemblance to me but since I have such a handsome husband, I'm okay with that. He is a loved little guy, that's for sure!!

Having a morning chat with mom

Getting dressed for the day. I love this outfit but it is a newborn outfit and he probably doesn't have many more days to wear it

Letting momma take his picture

Um, of COURSE my baby would have BYU clothes. This is just a start...

His daily nap with momma. I love when he takes naps like this with me. I try to get one in a day

First bath. He LOVES his baths but hates getting out.

Cousin Jeneveve giving McKay his bottle

Sleeping on dad's pillow.

Getting ready for his bath

McKay loves being wrapped up but with his arms by his face. They were like that in every ultrasound I got.

Grandma doing the famous tummy hold. Precious!

Screaming because he had just gotten out of the bath

Jeneveve and her famous "CHEESE!" smile

I don't know why this picture is turned but I love this little guy!


Kris said...

cuteness!!! Jadee I can tell you are in heaven every day! Remember all the times of talking about babies and working with got your dream!!!!

HOPE said...

He is so cute!!

Gary said...

McKay is a handsome little man. Love him so much.

Jessica said...

he is so handsome! I would advise you to soak it up but it looks like you're doing great! P.s.i acnt believe he's smiling already! What a smarty :)

jsmith2804 said...

A wonderful addition to our family. I'm glad you are able to share his sweet smile with us. We all love him. Mom Janna

The Barbers said...

I am so glad you put McKay in the outfit we gave him! So cute!!

Brandon and Laura said...

Ohh what a cute little dude! I love the pics with JV. Maybe, just maybe (hopefully) we'll get to see you guys when we come in August for Heather's wedding. We've got to start planning with Annie...catan during labor, sounds about right. :)

Suz said...

He does look just like his daddy! I am so glad he is growing well and doing great. He is a lucky kid to have your for his momma!

McKays said...

Tay said he had been able to check the blogs this week. I'm sure he loved seeing those pictures.

Shani said...

He is a handsome little dude and I heart him lots!

Amy said...

He is so cute and little! You forget how small they come. Glad things are going so well!

Jordan and Kristi said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting! I need to come see him again! he is adorable!!

The Giffs said...

So cute! I can't wait to see more pictures. I hope he's still sleeping as well as he was at 2 weeks!