Monday, August 24, 2009

Favorite summer activity

Awe, cute

One thing a good boat has to have...a heater! Yes, a heater...especially for those early morning ski runs

Gary wake-surfing

Nice rooster tail babe!

Me, trying to lay it down

Gary loves wake-boarding

Gary and I have a good friend who owns an awesome Malibu boat. We have been fortunate enough to go out and spend some days and early mornings on the lake. I will go with anyone, anywhere, anytime. I will drop whatever I am doing to go! I'm such a water/sun girl. My two most favorite things in the world? Waterskiing and watching BYU sports, especially football. But we'll save that for another blog.

We got to go out this last weekend to beautiful East Canyon lake. It was awesome water in the morning. Nothing better than skiing on glass. Gary is the all-around guy in the water. He loves to do it all and is very natural and good. Me? I stick to waterskiing. I've had a few concussions wake-boarding so I stay away. But I love even a ride on the boat. Thanks Curtie for taking us out!


Brandi said...

I am jealous, I did not get near enough of those days this summer. Summer is way to short! You look good on that ski!

Shani said...

Looking great on the skiis! I am with Brandi. Summer was not nearly long enough. By the way, you need to add a third thing to your list of favorite things. Skiing, BYU football and hanging out with Bug.

Suz said...

Yahoo for the awesome blog post! You are such a terrific waterskiier! Nothing better than time at the lake with good friends.