Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where does the time go?

McKay is 9 months old! I know, it's crazy to me. He had his doctor's appointment and here are his latest stats: Weight: 21.9 lbs- 70%, Height: 29.5 inches- 90%, Head: 18cm- 55%. He is thinning out but still tall. Here are some fun things about McKay at 9 months:
* He can't do regular crawling yet. I wouldn't even call it army crawling. He moves both arms together and then DRAGS his legs behind him. He looks like a snake when he moves or more like a paralyzed person from waist down. No, really. You would have to see it to believe it.
* He has two top teeth and two bottom teeth
* He loves food, especially "grown-up" food. But he is an excellent eater. Gary and I love that he is a pretty clean eater too. He lets us feed him ad rarely puts his hands in his mouth. He gets food on his face but not much. * He loves balls.
* He loves to jump in his jumper
* He has graduated to a bigger car seat and loves sitting up and looking out the windows in the car
* He still has an infectious smile and will smile at almost anyone. He knows what "give me a kiss" means and goes in for open mouth kisses all the time. He is so good at giving them! Not showing too much stranger anxiety yet but does prefer momma and daddy.
* He is starting to get the hang of sign language. I'm pretty sure he understands me but the only thing he has actually signed to me on his own is "more please."
* He is getting better at naps and bed time. He wakes up at night sometimes but we don't go to him anymore. He is able to go back to sleep on his own.
* The minute we put him in his car seat, he takes his shoes and socks off, no fail. He takes his socks off at home a lot. I think he is going to be a sandal or bare foot boy.
* He STILL snuggles with his momma and will lay his head on your shoulder when he is tired.
* Talks and babbles a ton.
* Loves bath time and faucets.
* Has his momma and daddy wrapped around his finger. We love you little one!


Jessica said...

i have no idea where the time goes...itsn't it fun seeing them grow up though (bittersweet) Mckay is so handsome :) p.s. your post about you cutting his hair inspired and motivated me to let josh cut bradens (i was waaaaiiitting for braden's hair to grow long enough to get that cute little boy shaggy hair style but it kept getting straglier and it was too thin so i finally let josh cut and spike it, now it's adorable!) miss you, i really hope we can get together one day

Britt said...

Im so glad I finally got to meet him! He is super cute and I just love his little grin!

The Barbers said...

McKay is a doll. Such a handsome boy! I can't believe 9 months.. Well Cashe is almost 4 months :( Time goes by eh?

The Giffs said...

He is so stinking cute! We can't wait to see him... less than 4 weeks to go!t