Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Fat Guy In a Little Coat"

... I mean, shirt. I worked Friday night. I came home, slept and when I woke up, I found my son wearing a shirt way too small. His dad thought he looked endearing. I guess I need to clean out the closet and store the clothes that are too small. I usually dress McKay every day so I just know what not to put on him. Gary says if it's in the closet or drawers, it's fair game. It was pretty funny though. It wouldn't cover his belly (aka, "muffin top" in Gary's words). I promise, I didn't take him out of the house!

By the way, the shirt says, "With a shirt this cool, who needs pants?" A gift from one of our good friends. I considered taking his pants off but then wondered to myself how white trash could we really get? And for the record, I don't think our son is fat at all!

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Shani said...

Uh yeah. He is fat. You are in denial.