Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in Nevada...

This year was the first time I haven't had to work a Christmas shift in over 3 years. So we were lucky to be able to head to Nevada to spend Christmas with Gary's side of the family. McKay went on his first airplane ride and was an angel both ways. Everyone from Gary's side of the family was together on one occasion or another so it was great for McKay to meet some cousins and uncles he hadn't met before. We had a good relaxing vacation full of food, games and laughing. We found out we have a lack of pictures but that's because we were to busy recording everything!
McKay is starting to enjoy books
Just chillin' on the bed

Opening presents. McKay loved the bows

Matthew and Tate making cookies for Santa. Love these boys!

Our family on Christmas

Uncle Adam with McKay and newest baby to the family, Ryan

Uncle Nathan. McKay loves hats


McKays said...

I love how McKay is reaching for the faces on the last 2 pictures. Such a little stud.

Shani said...

He is a little stud. And a gigantic one. Those overalls look about 10 sizes too small because of his chunky little leggies.

Jessica said...

Mckay is so cute, he looks so different than his newborn self aleady! He is definitly maturing in that cute way babies do :)