Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Trip to Remember

My brother Taylor, his wife Annie and daughter Jeneveve were able to come to Utah May 28th- June 12th. Taylor is being deployed to Iraq the first week of July and he was allowed 2 weeks from the Army to come home and basically say goodbye. Our whole family hasn't been together since my wedding back in January of '09 and it was so good to have time together again before my brother leaves. Basically, Taylor had made a list of places he wanted to eat and things he wanted to do while in Utah before he left for Iraq. The 2 weeks were dedicated to my brother and we had a blast sharing in fulfilling his "wish" list.

We played game after game of Settlers of Catan. We finally convinced my mom to learn how to play and she became addicted. She even gave up precious sleep to play late into the night!

Taylor "wheelin' and dealin'."

One of our favorite ice cream spots, Nielsen's Frozen Custard. At least 3 trips were made there over the 2 weeks. Thanks Tay for the "hang loose" sign. He claims he is a Hawaiian since he has lived there for the last 11 months!

We went to the Bountiful Rec Center to swim. Dad with his cute daughter. Don't even believe her face for a second! Jeneveve LOVES the water...how could you not when you spend 2 or 3 days a week at the beaches in Hawaii???

Tony Burgers. Taylor had never been here before but had heard how good it was. I think he was impressed. He likes him a good cheeseburger and fries! (PS, PLEASE don't ask how many calories were consumed on this trip. Taylor claimed he was on vacation but for the rest of us, uh, ya, we weren't!)

Taylor loves Sills. Such a yummy breakfast spot with the best massive scones and cinnamon rolls. Once again, please don't calorie count.

We went to the Olive Garden for my birthday dinner on the 9th of June. I couldn't be prouder of this picture. I have just introduced Jeneveve to Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce and after one taste, she was HOOKED! She is dipping her bread stick in the sauce over and over and just licking it off. MMMMM!!

Cute faces Taylor and Annie! Just enjoying some delicious Olive Garden food!

Jeneveve was quite the center of attention for 2 weeks. This was a "stink" face but I think she got tired of everyone luring her to them with food and sticking a camera in her face. I love this little one though! She has such a fun personality and is such a good little girl.

One shot of all the siblings. Ignore my GINORMOUS tummy. I look huge here but couldn't resist putting a picture of some of the people I love most in my life on here.

My whole Adams' side of the family came down from Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Riverton, Utah to do a one last get together BBQ with Taylor. It was amazing to be all together and I'm so grateful for my awesome family. Who knows if and when we will all be together again.
We did many more fun things with my brother and his family. Taylor is a gourmet BBQ-er and made us some delicious BBQ's many, many nights while he was here. Just ask my mom how much money was spent on meat in 2 weeks. But it was all so good and worth it!
Luckily for us, Annie, Jeneveve and future baby are moving back to Utah when Taylor leaves. We will miss him dearly. I won't forget the priesthood blessings and testimonies that were given the night before Taylor and his family went back to Hawaii. I admire my brother in so many ways and want him to know how much he will be missed and prayed for. You are such a noble person to give up a part of your life and family to serve our country. I know you and your family will be greatly blessed and watched over. I love you so much Tay! I hope the year flies by!!!


McKays said...

Gosh Jade, that was nice. I don't know what to say.

Meggera said...

Oh gosh... I am sitting here crying. Love that boy so much, and his beautiful ladies! You look great Jadee! Can't wait til the little man comes!

Brandon and Laura said...

We're going to miss him too!! We're still hoping he can play catan online during his free time :)

Emily said...

Jadee, I am so glad that I was able to find your blog!!! I am glad that you had a good time with your family, before your brother left. I LOVE settlers of catan by the way...best game ever!!