Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I'm going to brag for a moment. I have the dang cutest niece (and nephew!!!). My trip to Hawaii included strict beach time, hanging with the best sister-in-law in the world, and loving on my niece, Jeneveve. Forget pictures of the beach. I was too focused on this little one. She had me wrapped around her finger and I couldn't get enough of her. I had the most relaxing time and Annie catered to my every need and whim. We are both pregnant, easy going and just wanted to relax so we had a perfect time together. Well, in my eyes we did. It was hard to leave although I did miss Gary. Just wish my whole family could live in the same vicinity again. It's a dream and hopefully will happen one day. These pictures are a little obsessive and maybe only pictures my family can love. But I have to post them so I can look at them often and remember my awesome time. Thanks Annie and Jeneveve for being the perfect hostesses!!! I love you guys!

Jeneveve hated when Annie took a turn brushing her teeth but loved being a big girl and doing it herself.

She loved wearing my sun glasses.

Jeneveve at the beach looking cute

Jeneveve loved looking at all my pictures I had taken of her on my camera. She is so good at saying "cheese."

We took pictures at the Hawaiian temple

Asleep in the car

Just enjoying some Jamba juice. I think she got tired of me snapping pictures of everything she did! But her looks were priceless

Just posing in the water...which she was never afraid of

Loving my cell phone and mommy's hat. This little love is so good and smart. I think she only cried once. On my last day I was outside playing with her on a slide. When I had to take her off of the slide to come in for dinner, she cried and cried. Not an annoying cry. Just these big alligator tears that broke my heart. No kidding, she made me tear up. It was heart-wrenching!!


McKays said...

Definitely the perfect time together! As much as I want Chris to get sure is nice having the title of the BEST sister-in-law.

P.S. Feel free to crop me out of that picture.

Amy said...

She looks just like a McKay! And Hawaii sounds heavenly!

The Giffs said...

She really is darling! And sorry to hear about all the drama with your house. I know how stressful it was just to buy a house so I can't even imagine what you're going though. Hang in there!

McKays said...

Ya, I make good looking babies what can I say....Taylor

Kris said...

So Jadee, do you work for a living? ;) You seem to be having WAY too much fun!!!!!!! How come I never see you up at PCMC? When do you work?