Monday, September 28, 2009

A passion or a sickness?

I believe I have what some people call...a sickness. I blame it all on my dad because of course the blame has to be put somewhere. What am I talking about? It's just a little thing called BYU football. Yes, that's right, BYU football. I am a junkie, obsessed, maniac, insane, bipolar person during football season. I would call myself BYU's #1 fan in all aspects of the word. I won't lie, I have cried when they have won the big games and I have cried when they lost the worst games. Sick, right? I know. I bleed blue in a big time way! I'm sure if the BYU team knew about me, I would get front row seats in the elite section of the football stadium or even my own box seats for being the most invested fan ever in the history of BYU football. I have gone to most home and many away games in my young, short life. I plan on being one of those older retired folks who have nothing better to do but follow their beloved team around the country to play. It would be a dream come true! (Not sure my husband will go for that!)

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